Monday, 17 March 2014

Two Grey Wagtails were running along the edge of the Serpentine at the east end where it flows into the Dell. They will probably nest under the plank bridge across the waterfall.

The five Jackdaws in Kensington Gardens seem to have formed two pairs and one unfortunate single who is a long way from the nearest Jackdaw of the opposite sex.

They were so interested in each other that they let me walk right under their tree without taking flight as they usually do.

A pair of very ordinary Feral Pigeons were also clearly fond of each other, and a sunny spell showed off the fine iridescence of their neck feathers.

This Black-Headed Gull is from Norway, as the first letter of its plastic ring shows. It is a first-year bird and will have been ringed as a chick.

It was in Kensington Gardens on 27 October last year, has spent the winter here, and will soon be returning to its native land.

The newly found Little Owls would not come out for us to see them; it was a colder day than yesterday and they wouldn't have wanted to sunbathe. The original pair of Little Owls kept stubbornly inside. The only bird of any interest in the area was a Green Woodpecker hunting for bugs in the long grass.

But at least the male Tawny Owl was out in his usual place by 3.30 pm.

This picture shows how the mild weather has brought the horse chestnut tree into leaf early. Let's hope that when the owlets come out they will be visible before they vanish into the foliage.

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  1. Lovely picture of pair of Jackdaws with accompanying comments.