Friday, 21 March 2014

Another search for owls didn't find any. The people who usually look for the Tawny owlets are not in the park for one reason or another, and it is just me and thousands of trees. They will turn up eventually.

Meanwhile there were other birds to see, including a Treecreeper near the Tawny Owls' tree.

The Jackdaws have extended their territory south to the Flower Walk, where there are fewer Carrion Crows.

Their original area, around the Speke obelisk, is inconveniently close to the big colony of crows in the northwest corner of Kensington Gardens. When I tried to feed the Jackdaws here, crows kept barging in and grabbing their biscuits.

This is one of the crow family near the Italian Garden; it is a junior bird hatched last year. It was shredding a plastic bag which it had got out of a waste bin.

I suppose that this is a novel nesting material. Great Crested Grebes also use plastic bags, whole, in their nests, as they find them easier to build with and more durable than algae.

The pair of Moorhens on the willow near the bridge also seem to be thinking of nesting, as they were climbing up the branches to the hole they use.

The nest site is invisible from below and from the parapet of the bridge. It has been in use for several years.

The Mute Swans on the Long Water have returned to their nest in the reeds near the Italian Gardens. Although they visit the place often, they aren't occupying it continuously; evidently they don't have any eggs yet.

The wooden posts in the lake near Peter Pan, until recently thronged with Black-Headed Gulls, were unoccupied except for this lonely first-year bird which for some reason has not flown off with the others.

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