Monday, 10 March 2014

A pair of Magpies were flirting in a bush on the north bank of the Serpentine near the bridge. One came down to bathe in the lake ...

... and enjoy a blow dry in the wind.

There is a group of Wrens in and around the reed bed at the southeast corner of the Serpentine, probably one male and a harem of females, which is the usual way with Wrens. You can often hear them but they are seldom visible in the reeds and grass.  Today, however, the male came out on to a branch to sing, and I got a distant picture of him.

The volume of noise this tiny bird can make is astonishing.

A pair of Pied Wagtails were hunting insects in the Diana enclosure. The male, with a black back, is at the front.

The male Tawny Owl was shifting in and out of his tree all day. Here he is at 3.10; he went back in shortly afterwards.

Perhaps he is being disturbed by the owlets, which should now be quite large, restless and hungry. When he vanished permanently from his balcony it will be a sign that the family is out. Most people think that he will take them south, as he has in the past two years, possibly to the sheltering evergreens of the Flower Walk as he did last year -- which made it very hard to find them.

The number of rabbits around the Henry Moore statue is increasing fast.

I was going to say 'increasing exponentially', but a mathematician will tell you that rabbits increase in a Fibonacci sequence, and that Fibonacci himself in 1202 used the example of breeding rabbits in his account of the sequence. You can read about this here.

Of course, we also have foxes, which prevent the increase from reaching the alarming numbers predicted by the sequence.


  1. Thank you so much for the excellent reference link to the Fibonacci 'patterns'. I have been looking for something as clear as this, in which to discover ALL the applications, ever since my attention was drawn to its importance in icongraphy / 'sacred art'. I see I have a lot of homework to do!

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