Friday, 23 November 2012

The Tawny Owls were in their usual tree, in separate places as usual. I took some routine pictures. But when I was going home just before sunset I passed the tree again, and the two of them were side by side on the top, where the male owl usually sits by himself.

The female would have gone inside the tree from her customary perch and climbed up the the side of her mate. When I went passed they were still dozing and showed no sign of waking up for the evening's hunting, but it was getting so dark that I couldn't wait for a better picture.

Beside the Round Pond, the six young Egyptian geese were settling down in a warm huddle for a night's rest. They are growing well, and with luck should be large enough to survive a cold winter.

But just after I took this picture a stupid woman with a small dog off the leash went past, and it chased them back into the water. Dogs are required to be kept on leads near the Round Pond, as they have already killed many birds including swans. When I left, the Egyptians were just coming ashore to settle down again, and the park would soon be closed to give them some peace.

On the Serpentine the brood of eight Egyptians, now almost fully grown, had come together again because one of the regular visitors was feeding them. They are unruly adolescents, and some of them were chasing each other.

On the Long Water, a Little Grebe dives, watched by a hungry Black-Headed Gull waiting to seize its catch.

Here is a top view of a beautifully marked female Mallard swimming over autumn leaves. It was taken from the parapet at the outflow of the Serpentine, where the water is shallow.

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  1. Glad to see you had better weather today ,
    I stopped in the park today to have my breakfast by the serpentine gallery and there were loads of long tailed tits in the trees
    Hopefully be in the park next week so maybe see you soon