Tuesday, 27 November 2012

As far as I can see there are no Shovellers at all on the Long Water or Serpentine, which is quite unusual for the time of year. There are just two on the Round Pond. I looked from the bridge to see if any were lurking under the bushes on the edge of the Long Water where they have been before, but there was no sign of any. In contrast, there were 34 in Regent's Park on Sunday, reported in the London Bird Club Wiki. I wonder what is keeping them away from our park. Their numbers were low last year, but not as bad as this.

However, the Pied Wagtails, which had been missing from the edge of the Serpentine since the Olympics, have made a welcome return and you can often hear their cheerful flight song or see them running around looking for insects. Here one of a pair has picked out an unidentified crawling object from the leaves at the edge of the water.

On a dark grey drizzly day, a Red Crested Pochard added a welcome splash of colour. There are two pairs near the Serpentine island. His high domed forehead gives him an intellectual air. However, it is nothing but fluff. In this picture he seems to be a little bored; not polite, as his mate was only feet away.

A bedraggled Wood Pigeon was waiting glumly for the rain to stop. It didn't.

This Mallard read the warning notice, but evidently decided it didn't apply to her and paddled on.

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