Sunday, 30 September 2012

The Hobbies were in Kensington Gardens today, and one of the young ones was sitting in their usual lime tree. It was a cloudy day and the back light was not too strong, so I managed to get a poorish photograph. How I wish they would sit on the other side of the tree with the sun shining on them.

The Little Owl was again calling in the leaf yard.

Thanks to two people who reported an unexpected, very late brood of Egyptian Geese on the Round Pond. Here they are, all ten of them, flanked by their watchful parents.

Three first-year Lesser Black-Backed Gulls were circling over the pond, but these seemed more interested in the bread that visitors were throwing to the swans than in these young birds.

Six Gadwall were rooting about on the Serpentine, and a seventh flew in to join them. They are never present in large numbers. Here you can see the distinctive white speculum formed by the inner remiges of the wings, which shows as a larger white square when the bird is flying. This makes it easy to tell a female Gadwall from a female Mallard, whose speculum is iridescent blue.

In the Italian Garden, a Carrion Crow takes a moment to contemplate Prince Albert before returning to its digestive biscuit, a snack of which crows are very fond.

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