Thursday, 23 August 2012

A pair of Blackbirds in the leaf yard constantly come out when I arrive, demanding food for one insatiable young bird. I give them pieces of cheese, worrying slightly about whether it is putting too much salt into their diet. But no doubt when I am away they revert to worms, a much healthier food. Here the male Blackbird takes his turn with the feeding.

The family of Greylag Geese was working along the edge of the Lido restaurant begging for food from the diners. It is hard to refuse them when they look at you with their gentle brown eyes. Canada Geese are much more aggressive and sometimes peck you in the shins if not promptly served, a less effective technique.

The Wood Pigeons are not pestering humans for food, as they are gorging themselves on berries, crashing clumsily around in the bushes. When they take off, their wings thrash violently through the twigs. I am surprised that their flight feathers don't get completely shredded.

Here a Mallard has the good sense to keep her young in the shelter of a basket of water plants. If they were all as careful as this, there would be a lot more Mallards on the lake.

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  1. There is something deliciously 'Jemima Puddleduck' about the Greylags in your picture. Truly endearing. Let's hope they have better sense and better luck, though.