Sunday, 22 July 2012

A sunny Sunday and the park was full of people, and the shyer birds had retreated. Of course many of the park birds are completely blasé about crowds. Here a moorhen feeds her chick unconcernedly in the middle of the pavement near the Bluebird boat hire cabin, unworried by photographers. 

And here a Greylag Goose explores the edibility of the hedge plants, on a narrow path with people a few inches away.

And of course, all the usual geese, swans, ducks and pigeons were efficiently following people with bags of bread, and are now joined by increasing numbers of Black-Headed Gulls. The experienced park birds can spot the telltale carrier bag and stance on the edge of the water from a distance of 300 yards, and instantly head for the spot from all directions.

The Coots nesting in the Italian Garden, having completely wrecked the clump of plants they nested in, have now started chewing up the plants in the other clumps. Here one returns form an expedition with a stem of purple loosestrife and climbs the wire netting around the nest to present it to its mate.

Fond as I am of letting birds do their thing, it is a pity the Coots are making such a mess of the attractive new water plants in the Italian Garden. The flowering rushes have just come into bloom.

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  1. Picture of climbing Moorhen is wonderful. Well caught! I'm afaid I have litle appetite for the Parks when they are full of people. The wet weather suited this bird-lover better.